thekoo (deok-hu)

a korean slang for a "superfan" or an extremely dedicated fan; those who are absolutely enveloped by their passion


  • Fan-made

    Created by ARMY, for ARMY.

    Spreading bangtan love all over the world through happy mail!

  • Made with 🤍

    Orders are carefully made and hand-packaged with love (in cute packaging!), in hopes to give our customers a memorable unboxing & buying experience.

  • Freebies

    Fun freebies are included in every order for every customer (including but not limited to polcos, prints, photo strips, stickers, etc).

Important Notice

Please note some price increases on our products & shipping rates.

Since opening our shop back in July 2020, operating costs have significantly increased due to recent global factors. It has been very difficult to navigate having to absorb continuously increasing costs of supplies, services, and shipping rates to run our business. We always tried our best to cope with these effects and keep expenses low — however, due to higher inflation nowadays, we became more concerned about the financial health of our business. We sat on this for as long as we could before finally breaking down and making the tough decision to raise our prices after reviewing our finances. With careful consideration, we decided that this change was much necessary in order to keep our shop sustainable. We truly appreciate your support and hope that you will understand our need to implement this change. As always, we strive to evolve and improve our products & services to serve you better.

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